Nuravine | FAQ
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How many plants can I grow with one of these?

It depends on the plants you are growing. One unit is able to reliably maintain a 200 gallon reservoir. The minimum water for plants ranges from .5 gal to 2.5 gallons depending on the plant size, but we recommend doubling it. That would mean you could grow 200 small plants or 40 large plants with this recommendation.

Will I ever have to change out the water or will the system be taken care of indefinitely?

You will need to add water because the plants will be taking up the water so they become larger. We recommend checking on the water level in your system at least twice a week. Also due to the plants nutrient uptake we recommend flushing the entire system of water twice a month and replacing with new water. Once you do this the system will automatically dose and balance the water.

Do I need to maintain the pH and EC sensors?

Due to the limitation of pH technology we recommend starting off by calibrating every day. Simply put the sensor in the calibration solution and read the value. If the value is the same that is good. Keep doing this until you have a reading that is off. The system will then use this data to auto-calibrate the meter. It will also use the amount of time that passed to make a judgment on when to remind you to calibrate the sensor again. The algorithm takes into account the fact that the sensor deteriorates and will make you check on it more frequently until then. Once the sensor needs to be calibrated to often it will recommend you to purchase a new sensor.