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About Us


Alex is a Computer Engineer with the dream of building sustainable cities that grow their own food. He is passionate about improving quality of life through providing access to healthy and fresh food. He developed technology that helped translate sign language in a computer vision research lab, and worked to efficiently manage power systems through data analysis at ConEdison. His dedication and commitment lead his team to victory in the Zahn and NYBP competitions and will continue to drive the company forward.


Computer Engineer

Adrian is a Computer Engineer with a passion for building new and innovative tech. Originally from upstate New York, he has a connection to nature and farming. He is in the last quarter of a Computer Engineering degree at the City College of New York and has worked in Software Development and Design Engineering positions. Through the use of cutting-edge exponential technologies, such as machine learning and computer vision, he believes we can transform and disrupt global agriculture.


Computer Engineer

3-Sentence Statement

Today there are numerous inefficiencies in our agricultural system which means it may be unable to keep pace with the needs of the ever-growing population in the years to come. Our mission is to develop technologies which support a new agricultural revolution allowing food to be grown faster, in urban areas, with less water, less land, and no pesticides. The Zahn center is giving us the opportunity to realize our mission, by guiding us in forming a company and introducing us to many individuals who would like to help us make this change.

Short Overview of Our Project

SyStem is a team of three individuals who are really excited about the future of Urban Agriculture. Currently most of the food we eat is grown far away. As climate change and sustainability become increasingly important issues, it only makes sense that food should be grown where it is intended to be eaten. In order to make these long trips the foods must be picked before they are ripe, they are covered in pesticides, and the breeds are selected for by how well they travel and not by how good they taste.

Most of us realize that when we have the opportunity to eat local produce it tastes so much better than what we are used too. Our question is why can’t people in urban centers all over the world have food that tastes great, is grown locally, and is not too expensive? We think it is possible and there is a growing Urban Agriculture initiative that thinks so too.

Integrating technology and automation is one of the factors that will allow plants to be grown in the fastest and most efficient way possible. With technology taking care of the many details that goes into growing the perfect plant such as pH, Co2, and temperature, more people around the world will be able to manage these high performance plant growing systems without having all of the agricultural experience that was once a prerequisite.

We feel that this could be a technological revolution much like the computer was in the recent past. Once high performing technology was accessible to millions of people, the world changed drastically. It’s incredibly difficult to predict what could happen when millions of people in the world have easy access to technology that produces high quality foods, but we want to find out.

Our team is working tirelessly to build automated plant growing systems which collect many points of data and use this data to track the entire growth cycle of the plant and manipulate hardware such as lights, heaters, and nutrient solution so that plants get exactly what they need when they need it. We hope to take this advanced piece of hardware and branch out to meet the needs of the ever-growing industry where there are many challenges that must be solved.

We are incredibly grateful to have this opportunity to work on this amazing project. The support we receive from the Zahn center team as well as the many others from the City College of New York and beyond is helping to make our dream into a reality. With the help of everyone involved we have a great shot at contributing to a highly impactful industry that can shape the future for the better of us all.